Process, Water, Environmental and Separations Technology
Consulting and Technical Marketing Services

Do you require new or hybridized technology to maximize operations efficiency?
Would a fresh view of applied chemistry and engineering support your R&D team?

Process / Technology Development / R&D

MAGMA provides process consulting and develops new technology internally, together with client's own R&D group and through associated laboratories and field tests. We also introduce clients to potential users of new technology or products who may cooperate in development.

Representative projects include:

Coordinated R&D for a novel caustic recovery technology
Conducted laboratory evaluations of a chromium conversion
and treatment process
Identified, quantified, and formulated a specialty polymer
Developed new product concepts for use in soil stabilization
Demonstrated the separation and recovery of food colors.
Conceived and demonstrated protein and lipid adsorption methods
that contributed to a product line extension
Initiated the conversion of a fermentation reactor into a dissolved gas
flotation separator to recover enzymes
Consulted on the synthesis of color filter materials to be used in
computer monitors and electronic displays
Provided separations process insight into scaling terpenoid
extraction production
Surveyed chemistry and operations for recovery of water and
chemical reactants for a pigments manufacturer
Assessed the process/chemistry and manufacturing operations of a
halogens manufacturing plant to improve production yield

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