Process, Water, Environmental and Separations Technology
Consulting and Technical Marketing Services

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Commercial and Business Development

MAGMA helps clients sell products and services to bring technology to market. These products and processes have been a part of actual commercial development assignments where refined commercial and technical skills were required for project success:

Conveyors and materials handling
Integrated process and control systems
Process vessels and reactors
Membrane desalinization systems
Biotech and industrial process membrane separation systems
Food processing sanitation and disinfection equipment
Specialty polymer coatings
Pervaporation systems
Coalescing and membrane oil/water separation systems
Energy products and services
Boiler/heat exchange and steam/water handling systems services
High rate commercial biological waste treatment systems
Electrostatic coating and dispensing
Environmental and water recovery systems
Specialty ion exchange resins and processes
Minerals processing technology using membranes and ion exchange
Membrane bioreactors
Solvent dehydration/recovery and azeotrope breaking systems
Process systems for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

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