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Do you have an underutilized or overloaded waste treatment plant ?
Are you fully recovering product, water, chemicals, or require specialty separations ?

Environmental Control & Separations Technology

MAGMA gives water/waste treatment support, direction, and insight into waste minimization and improved processing as well as on-site troubleshooting. Process separations, product purification, and processing water/chemicals recovery are all part of our practice. These examples attest to our diverse experience in environmental projects, especially in the fields of water, by-product recovery and separations technology.

Recovery of protein while upgrading waste treatment in tuna processing
Solvent recovery and product purification of flavors and food ingredients
Recovery and treatment of chromium
Recovery of waste caustic from aluminum forming/anodizing
Waste brine elimination from inorganic salts production
Recovery of water and thermal values from laundering
Converting an underutilized waste treatment plant into a treatment service
Providing infrastructure and treatment guidance for hotel/resort sewage
treatment and water recovery in Bermuda and the Bahamas
Advising on water and sewage treatment for a Greek resort village
Fast-tracking a sewage treatment plant for a Bahamian shopping center
Consulting on a variety of water and environmental projects in Mexico
Coordinated bids for a Jamaican development's sewage treatment
Evaluation of infrastructure, water recovery and treatment system for a
resort in Guam
Surveying sewage/water recovery facilities in St. Martin & Anguilla
Reviewing operations and suggesting methods for zero discharge in
a plating plant
Dehydration of organic solvents using membranes
Foundry lead-bearing waste disposal practices

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