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Market & Technology Evaluations

MAGMA studies and evaluates markets and technology to enhance client share, products, applications, and planning. MAGMA also provides state-of-the-art and competitive reviews, as demonstrated by the following examples:

Representative projects include:

Bio-conversion of wastes to food

m-RNA/nucleic acid isolation

Power industry water services

Water treatment technology

Chemical use in water treatment for power, paper, sweeteners, semiconductors, and petrochemicals

Environmental market chemicals

Electrochemical biocide devices

Deaeration/degasification devices

Membrane separation of VOCs

Membranes in hydrocarbon/water separations

Adsorption of protein on fibers

Use of non-wovens in membranes

Biotechnology advances in Europe

Food grade additives in recovery of protein from food processing by-products

Disinfection chemicals/technology

Oil/water separation

Swimming pool/water chemicals

Bio-production of basic chemical building blocks

Nuclear separations technology and services

Advanced materials for construction and process industries

Membranes in the metals/plating industry

Separations technology

Advanced waste water treatment systems

Vapor pressure instrumentation

Characterization of the USA tertiary waste treatment market

Point-of-use/point-of-entry water purification

Precipitation and crystallization technology

On-site hydrogen generation and related processes

Food industry by-products and recovery

Recombinant processes in natural product synthesis

Minerals Extraction Technology

Market trends in process, water and environmental industries

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