“From depth and creativity . . .

solid solutions in technology rise to new heights.”

Process, Water, Environmental and Separations Technology

Consulting and Technical Marketing Services

For three decades, Anthony V. Metzner, principal of Magma, has assimilated and developed technology, applying his skills to the needs of his clients, assisting them in their research as well as in applied chemistry and engineering and marketing in the process, separations, water and environmental fields.

He has advanced novel methods and solutions including those involving ion exchange and membranes processing and recovery; separations and purification in pharma/biotech, natural products synthesis and minerals extraction and technology; biotechnology (m-RNA isolation, recombinant methods for natural products production, sanitary and refractory organics waste treatment, “green” chemical synthesis ); polyamines with functionalization/ligands for adsorption and ion exchange, among other technologies.

Mr. Metzner has directed the firm in assisting and consulting with a wide spectrum of clients of every size, from small entrepreneurial organizations to Fortune 50 multinationals.

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